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We have appreciated each and every one of you over the last 20 years, having the honor to meet with you at one of our shops, in fellowship, in our ministry programs, in our home, in your home, inside schools, meeting rooms, inside of prisons, online, during one of our treasury programs or gathering events. We hope each of you continue to be blessed by Gods grace and love. Late Fall 2022 we will open up our online service called "Church Crowds" and it will be available to everyone, everywhere with an internet connection. This Church will be like no other, and all of us, alongside God will be facilitating it. Interested in joining a life transforming place of grace?

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Consider being an integral part of changing the landscape of communities in America. Our programs seek to deliver, heal and grow people to be a reflection of God and use the tools they learned to give back to their family and communities. We help those who have thought to be beyond redemption to invite God into their lives and through their redemption, to God all the glory. All ministry staff work on a voluntary basis and your contributions help us to reach the hearts of people nationwide. Find out more in the Community Services Section. All donations and gift purchases in our online shop are tax deductible and are appreciated.

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We appreciate your support for our purpose, vision of our ministry and the people we serve

  • Thank You For Your Support

    Lady and Lion Ministry is a 508(c)(1)(a) ministry whose primary mission is to help people restore from life circumstances. The Ministry works side by side with our "Prayed" workshop programs, to support the work we do with the clients we serve. The items on our website, help to support Lady and Lion Ministry and make a great gift for others or for yourself. All of our products are tax deductible and you will receive a tax receipt.

    Our staff has over 20 years experience providing resources and support to people in the communities we serve. Our support includes prisoner outreach, prayer workshops, deliverance and ordaining others in ministry. Our passion is helping the Church to once again become a spiritual influence in communities worldwide.

    Our goal is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and to support the gift of communication through prayer we have been given from God through Jesus. We also commit ourselves to changing hearts, outcomes and communities through our programs and hope to bring healing and restoration to the hurt.

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    Every day, people come to Lady and Lion Prayer Ministry for a number of reasons. Some come because they are lonely or have reached a fork in the road. They may have lost a loved one or been going through a tough time. Some may be at risk of losing their job, home or spouse or have habits and addictions they want to break from. Some may be facing incarceration or be incarcerated and looking to build a bridge with their loved ones or restore their lives to being one of a good steward. Many are looking for forgiveness and release of sin or shame or seeking ways to forgive someone that hurt them. Others might be looking for answers to prayer requests or have reached a point that they feel they have no one to turn to for support. We hope that everyone who contacts us will find support, encouragement and prayer that they need from the people who make up this ministry. That everyone finds their exact needs met by learning and living an active and focused prayer life.

  • Lady's Prayer for 2022

    Father God, I come to You humbly and in the name of Your Son, Jesus. I ask first that you forgive me of any sins I may of committed, known and unknown and I thank You for allowing me to be in Your almighty presence, Father. You know all future things and have already established our paths to be clear and with proper provisions. I want to thank You for that. Thank you, for Your grace and that each day is full of Your mercies for all of us. I want to ask You to draw us all closer to You, and soften each one of our hearts to be open and vulnerable to You and to surrender all so that we may lean on You and You only. I ask that You wrap Your most amazing and perfect love around everyone, and comfort those in struggle. Those suffering and hurt or confused and lost- comfort everyone and bless them with wisdom and discernment for their life. The world is a place of chaos and storm and I ask that You armor each one of us with the tools to bring peace to our communities, to our families and in our hearts. That despite any differences, that You allow us to see through Your eyes, Father and see every single person that way and offer forgiveness and also truth and kindness through Your grace and love. We ask that You bless us with the same kindness and love in return. I ask this in the name of Jesus and in His authority we pray to You. Amen.