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We help ALL people make positive social Impact

Artist Description: "Shortie was so loyal to me. He was my best friend for 11 years and I heard he stood in that window waiting on me until a few weeks before he left this world. I wish we could all be as loyal as our pets."

“Shortie”- Art By Prisoners Program

Artist Description: "Wrapped Around Us" nothing beats the days when the sun and space around us, wrap us in God's perfection.

“Wrapped Around Us”- Art BY Prisoners Program

Artist Description: "My Family is My World, is a piece I wanted to work on and share how important my family is even while we have been apart. Every part of me is made to love them and one day I will be able to tell them so."

“My Family is My World” – Art By Prisoners Program

Artist Description: "Vivid, is a happy thought, if you could see it ,when you think it."

“Vivid” – Art By Prisoners Program

Artist Description: "When you are away in prison you may never see certain people again. Everyone I loved smelled exactly like who they were and I beg to smell that again."

“Begging To Smell You” – Art by Prisoners Program

Erin Kathleen Hurry

“…We believe in the power of AI to not only unlock artistic potential but also to offer valuable opportunities for personal growth and education. Alongside providing prisoners with the means to create art, we are committed to using AI to facilitate their learning in other domains. Our program will offer pathways for prisoners to explore coding, data science, writing, and expanding their knowledge base. By equipping them with skills in artificial intelligence, we aim to empower prisoners to reintegrate into society with valuable expertise and enhance their prospects for a successful re-entry…”

Erin Kathleen Hurry

What makes us different?

We strive to emulate the boundless love of God, welcoming all individuals irrespective of their backgrounds or beliefs. Distinct from conventional churches, our commitment to inclusivity and support is unwavering, reflecting our belief that every person is worthy of love, guidance, and a nurturing community.

Family Foundation

We assist individuals in confinement maintain vital ties with their loved ones, fostering resilience and providing vital reentry preparation for a hopeful and successful future for them and their family.

Art By Prisoners

Unlocking the power of creativity, the ‘Art by Prisoners’ program bridges the access gap using AI, offering a platform for expression and fostering personal growth for individuals in confinement.


Embracing all with love and grace, Our Lady and Lion Ministry reflects the unbounded, inclusive love of God, extending a welcoming hand to everyone, particularly those marginalized or disadvantaged.