Prisoner Advocacy

Lady and Lion's Prison Ministry, called Foundation and  is an integral part of our mission. We are committed to the spiritual, mental and physical health of people that may be incarcerated, facing incarceration, their families, and advocate for them in ways they may not be able to in their position. Through our Foundation Program Ministry, which began in 2012, we have been able to help hundreds of men and women build a new living foundation for them and their family members that puts them on a positive path, breaks habitual cycles and also inspires them to add positive value into their communities. This is a restorative program that has full engagement by the person, their family and the ministry until we reach the goals we set to reach for their foundation plan. 

We believe that every single life can be reached by the power of God and that each and every person is loved by Him. Our vision is to encourage prisoners in an active prayer life. To set achievable positive life goals and lean on God all the while being proactive in the prayers they are petitioning. Our mission is to support every inmate in building a life of leadership and of being a good steward so they can lead their families, communities and fellow brothers and sisters, not only after release but before through an active prayer life and life action plan.

We work together with prisoners and their families to deliver them from the wrong choices, poor habits and cycles they were living that led them to the place they are at and to support their restoration in building a life that gives back not only to their families but to the communities they live. We work with the family in entirety to heal and strengthen the bond of that God created unit. God gave us the opportunity to be reconciled to Him, through His Son, Jesus Christ. In that miraculous gift, there is no one that is turned away from Gods grace, love, mercy and restoration.

We work to be a vessel for God and advocate for people who are in difficult situations while they are incarcerated and beyond. For those who remain in the prison system, we will support them in their prayer life, intercede in prayer on the behalf of them and their families and work to build a strong bond between them even if they are physically apart. We believe that spiritually we can all be connected as family and that we have victory in the name of Jesus. Through our family prayer plans, we can help families stay together in love and spirit in a powerful way.

We see and believe that through our program, people and communities can find healing and be restored. Time and time again we have been witness to the partnership of these people, their families and God working through this ministry in a  way that may be inconceivable from before they built their foundation program with us. 

Many of the people we have been blessed to help have gone on and been given forgiveness by their victims or the victims family, as they showed a truly convicted heart and a restored soul through the work of Jesus. The times we live in are tough and being a victim of any crime is something you never forget but by the grace of God, we hope that the victims are in a way honored by the restorative efforts.

There are so many problems in the world and without taking it up by the root, the problems will continue to grow. We must all be responsible for our wrongdoings and do what we can to make it right. So many times we see wrongdoings, a sentence and no restoration or healing for the victims, their families, the communities or the prisoner and their families. So many lives are left in ruin. We hope that we are able to change some of that as we partner with community services with our prison outreach to reach inward to hearts and reconcile the wrongs.

“The Foundation Program” or “Family Foundation Program”, is a commitment by the prisoner, family and the ministry. You are expected to dig deep, be 100% honest and show up for every appointment and session until your foundation has been built and in action to a point that is set with the ministry if you want to stay in the program. Every person who has stayed in the program have a life changed in incredible ways and changed the legacy of their lives and the legacy for their family.

The Foundation Program is confidential and personally created for your particular needs and restoration. Their will be self work, online meeting sessions,emails and workshops with one of our Foundation program ministers. We may also assist you in encouraging an employment path, resume writing, starting a business or brainstorm ways you can give back to your community.  Once your foundation is built and you are in the active positive living phase, implementing what you learned and set, you will have check-ins as to make sure that your goals grow with you and become habits.

We are committed to you and for as long as it takes to restore your life in a positive way, so only serious applicants that are willing to commit should apply. We do consider referrals. There is no cost. We cover the costs through our online shop and through the grace of God. (Thank You, Father!)

We accept applications via email, contact us for more info and consideration. 

To God be all the glory!