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Lady and Lion Ministry with help of it's online tech partners are building on a youth support platform named Burst Offs. We have been completing research, forming criteria and service, as well as building the tech backbone over the last 22 months. It's focus is to be a live interactive safe virtual venue that meets monthly to support and encourage kids in building self confidence, skill sets as well emotional tools to stand tall and not be harmed by the effects of bullying or out-casting. It's name meaning Burst-Offs is based on being bold in being exactly who you are, so much so that they a huge positive impact on the world. To learn to fly above, anyone or any situation that tries to keep you down.

This will be a subscription based project and we will be taking applications for scholarships and off setting costs of free memberships by the paid members as well our our own support channels. We do not want any child who would benefit from the program to be turned away. The monthly subscription will include a monthly newsletter and a digital event schedule that will include the theme for the month along with practice lessons (self work for that month) for event team building activities, and their personal VIP ticket. It will be hosted by our virtual platform from our live studio and will be for approved members only.

Parents will have to sign up any child that may want to be a part of the program and agree to the terms of use and rules whether from a school referral, community referral, faith based referral or advertisement.

The full program will run for 6 months and there will be a celebration event with prizes and certificate of completion at the end. The members may reapply/ sign up for consecutive sessions.

We hope to encourage the youth of today to be the best version of themselves and to treat others in a way that brings out the best version of them too. We will be creating atmospheric familiarity that kids know so well today that may include but not limited to; gamification, leader-boards, branding videos, music creation, brainstorming, motivational discussions, talent sharing, studio/stage building,  in fact they will be working together to create their stage for the final event from concept, team building, the build itself and will witness the results together at the final event which will run for 2 days to allow for everyone's schedule and participation.

Parents will be encouraged to join with their kids for the final event.

We believe that this team building concept will not only encourage each member but each member will have the opportunity to encourage each other! That it will teach them many life building skills that may not be able to get from the internet,  online games, school or in their community, and that they may be able to use these skills to benefit their life, family, friends and their local community. By seeing the results of this behavior, we believe they will carry out this spirit of encouragement, kindness and self confidence unto themselves and  to others in their community and be a light set on a hill for the world.

Lady and Lion will be launching Burst- Offs Winter of 2023 and will open the waiting list soon.

-Proverbs 27:17 "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another."

-Matthew 5:14 "Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid."