Art By Prisoners ™

Art By Prisoners™  is a program that allows prisoners to express themselves through art. Launching publicly in Winter of 2023, our pilot project started in 2021 and we will be accepting prisoners in any of the United States and will open up access allowing to create art in our system from where they are and showcase their work on our marketplace and other opportunities.

This project is to encourage inmates to not only express themselves and their feelings in a positive way but also a way for them to give back and receive positive feedback. We have found with our current and past art programs (treasury program), that being allowed to express themselves in art, that it created not only a sense of encouragement, but it also led them to being a positive contributor in society.

Prisoner Art

We are working side by side with institutions and other organizations, allowing prisoners to create art, share it and also allow their friends, families and loved ones to download a copy and also allow them to add it to our marketplace to sell to the public. The prisoners may also have an opportunity to to designate a contribution of their sale to an organization on our partner list. This gives them the ability to contribute to society with a positive impact.

Prison art
 Our team is currently working on the new workbooks and sketchbooks and the added technical part of this project, to allow for easy access that we hope will change lives, remind others that everyone has the ability to contribute to society in a positive way if given an opportunity.


Art By Prisoners


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