Lady and Lion Ministry

Lady and Lion Church Ministry

Lady and Lion Ministry is “a house of prayer, love and deliverance”. We are a 508(c)(1)(a) Church Non Profit.

Our goal is to minister the living Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit to people by the grace of God. Our desire is to be a pure people of prayer, to be people of praise and power, so that God's great love for mankind will bring salvation, healing, and deliverance to everyone.

​The Kingdom of God will come into being in our lives and on earth, as we live a life of prayer and petition in the authority of Jesus. As a result, we are committed to building the kingdom of God and the body of Christ worldwide.

Lady & Lion Prayer Ministry offers those who suffer from a loss, change, addiction, abuse, bullying, anguish, confusion, heartbreak, incarceration, financial struggle, forgiveness needed or to be given, traumatic experiences and everything difficult, the chance and opportunity to understand  and use the power of prayer. In this we believe that any strongholds can and will be removed. That no matter where you have been, done, had happened or happened to you, that each of us deserves the forgiveness through Jesus and also to forgive like Jesus.

We believe that there is no problem too big or too small, a circumstance, event or obstacle too huge, traumatic, or horrific, that can not be healed and restored through the gift of grace, mercy and forgiveness that God gave us through His only Son Jesus.

Lady and Lion Church is a 20 year old ministry, headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia but serving to a national and global outreach. Our service is without geographical borders as we utilize technology to reach people in need of our ministry services. We started in Fredericksburg Virginia and  we currently serve on average about 75 people monthly, one on one in our ministry outreach. We are creating a new prayer platform to be able to serve the needs of a greater community and have a large impact for the Kingdom of God and His people. 

We are a Christian Church Ministry and followers of Jesus. Our style of worship is in prayer and praise and sound biblical doctrine. We encourage others to walk in truth and love through building a life around following Jesus and to connect always in prayer and worship. We understand today's society and our goal is to share the love of God to everyone. Not some, but every one.

We are working our way through growth for impact through advances in technology, connection and community and  are driven by a mission to reach all of those who are hurt and need restoration through Jesus Christ. As such, we have ministries reaching out to the poor, incarcerated,  homeless, widowed, single parents, parents of the disabled, those with mental illness, abused, grieving and trauma.

Our Lead Minister is Erin, she has been in ministry since 2001 and has worked as a foot soldier in the communities she served. Erin is an ordained minister, and specializes in prayer and deliverance ministry. She has devoted much of her life and ministry to those who have felt left behind, lost and traumatized by other's actions as well as their own. She has been vital in creating and spearheading our Family Foundation Program, One Sheep and Prayer Programs which has helped many families regain, restore and live a Christ centered life. Erin's career background includes business/software consulting and technology and has worked specifically to help entrepreneurs or growing companies. She herself, through her work and our online offerings fund our efforts for all ministry projects, alongside God.

Erin has used her entire life as a living example that God can take the most defeated situations and turn it into a good work for God and His will. It is a long story and it grows each day, so if you are interested in knowing what God has done and continues to do for her and how He works through her weakness to reach others, ask her. Erin will be grateful for the time shared with you and hopes that you will be inspired by what God has done in her life and believe in the same for your life. Erin also believes that nothing is impossible with God. That He can reach every person, even those who are lost, and it is our job to go after that lost sheep. We do that because we are all the lost sheep and He is The Good Shepard.

We believe that The Church, The Bride of Christ is living and breathing inside of all believers. We are The Church. We also believe that others will be driven from their current life, circumstances and a space where they have yet to encounter Jesus, that they will seek Him in record numbers in the coming years.

Our prayer is that you do encounter Jesus and build a relationship with Him through prayer. That you know that you are loved so deeply and were bought at the most highest of price. That you know how valued you truly are and that you and each one of us have such a specific and beautiful purpose. That no matter where you have been, where you are now or how much you tell yourself that you can’t be forgiven and live a life abundant in God's grace, mercy and love. God is bigger than us, and bigger than our difficulties. He always wants you and wants you to choose Him.