New Workshops Will be Open For Enrollment in March 2023

Workshop Topics To Include But Not Limited to:

Garment Of Identity: 30 day workshop/with course and live Q & A. ( In session)

The garment of wrong identity will have others see you as another person totally different from who you are. There is a garment on every person. This garment is spiritual not physical. To a large extent, your spiritual garment will be your essence, the type of person an individual is. For example, when you see a queen, you can identify a queen by her beautiful crown. When you see a person in poverty, you can identify poverty by their garment too.

In The Bible, in Genesis when Joseph was about to be sold into slavery by his half brothers, the first thing they did was to change the amazing garment that was given to him by his father. They knew no one would want to buy Joseph if they saw him in that glorious robe. It will be seen as though someone is trying to scam the buyer with someone who is not slave but of high authority. However, when they took his garment from him, they replaced it with another messy, dirty one to depict poverty and rejection. With this, they are able to sell him off to slavery.

As our heavenly Father, God clothed all of us in a beautiful garment. But sin, society and enemy has taken the garment off many people. There are so many people in the world today that they go about with a garment of false identity. People see them for less than who they are and what God purposed them to be.

Do you walk through life, knowing that you have a huge purpose and no one would believe it if you told them? Perhaps you have shared it with others, only to be doubted, mocked or laughed at.

This workshop will help you stop the struggles you may have to change the wrong perception people have had about you due to how you are viewed. It will take away any learned habits of negative thoughts and life actions and instead get you into the habit of wearing your correct garment of identity every day. After this workshop you will have the tools you need to confidently walk in your purpose, be who you are in your authentic identity, full of respect and honor.

-Answered Prayer Workshop: ( new session starts soon)

-Mom-Champs Workshop for Single Moms: ( in session)

-Very Long Day Workshop for Men- info soon

-Emotional Regulating with Prayer Workshop- info soon

-Toxic Attitudes & How to Handle Workshop- (in session)

-Surrender Workshop- ( new session soon, on the way to be baptized, class)

-Forgiveness Workshop- (in session)

-From Poverty to Focused Business Owner Workshop- updated soon

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