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Suncatcher Blue Glass & Sterling Silver 50mm

Suncatcher Blue Glass & Sterling Silver 50mm

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A reminder that God is always with you. The beautiful rainbow will shine around your entire space and may serve to remind you that God is listening to your prayers, answering your needs and allowing you to lean on His strength.

This one of a kind piece was created by Lady and Lion Minister, Erin and each one is prayed over while creating. Every piece is unique and some will include, glass, crystal, swarovski crystals, gemstones, rare rocks, sterling and gems and so much more (as pictured). Each comes with a handwritten thank you note. Great for a thoughtful gift to send to someone or for yourself as a reminder that God is ever present. So many of us are inspired by visual reminders and our hope is that this rainbow will remind you that God is always faithful.  

The Prayed team uses only premium crystal prisms, not glass by Asfour Crystal. Asfour is the No. 1 crystal brand worldwide and made of the purist sand grains on earth, has been worldly recognized with its absolute purity and everlasting shine.

Each is a different style and size. Including 20mm, 30mm, 40mm and 50 mm. Please see image for size.

Thank you, each purchase supports our Prayer Ministry.
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