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Art By Prisoners

"Where Is Everyone" - Art By Prisoner Gallery Print

"Where Is Everyone" - Art By Prisoner Gallery Print

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Created by one of our artists in the "Art By Prisoners" program. Each print is of original art by a prisoner &  created to inspire, express and to contribute to society in a positive way. Each purchase helps to support our program as well as a percentage going to an organization of choice by the prisoner. In this, the prisoner has the ability to give back and have a positive impact on society. This helps to validate the prisoner that they have the ability to do something different, to create a positive change and that their identity is not in their crime but in Jesus.

Artist Description: "Where Is Everyone" I ended up in this place for something I chose to do. It was wrong. My wrong hurt people and it caused everyone I loved to leave me. I have not heard from my family in over a year. Did they forget me? Did my wrong become bigger than the me that I am? I don't know why I did what I did but I did it. Did it make the good of me not worth while? I feel alone and wonder where is everyone?



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