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Serve with Compassion

Serving Communities Since 2001

Our Values

Our programs help those who are searching for purpose and hope, whether they are seeking redemption or simply looking to create a solid foundation for their lives. We believe that everyone has value and that no one is beyond the reach of love and kindness. By living out these values, we hope to show others the transformative power of faith in Jesus Christ.

Our mission is to be a beacon of God’s love for all, not just a select group, firmly upholding the principle that everyone deserves to be cherished and valued, irrespective of their lifestyle choices; we believe in a church where disagreement doesn’t overshadow our ability to love, support, and inspire one another.

Love People

Let’s express love in every encounter, honoring each person’s individuality.

Find Value

Let’s appreciate the value each person brings to the world and cherish each individual’s gifts.

Honor Everyone

Let’s show respect to all, recognizing everyone’s worth and knowing God made each of us unique.


Let’s choose forgiveness when others falter, remembering we all stumble and need grace.

Our Belief

At the heart of Lady and Lion Church, our core values reflect the all-encompassing love of God, a love that isn’t limited to a chosen few but is freely extended to all of humanity. We firmly believe that each individual is worthy of God’s love, irrespective of their circumstances, choices, or the path they’ve walked. Our commitment is to embrace people just as they are, recognizing their unique value and extending God’s love without judgment. We are passionate about empowering and encouraging everyone to grow, to strive to be the best versions of themselves, and to experience the life-transforming power of God’s love.

In a world increasingly defined by division, where blame and finger-pointing are rampant, we stand as a beacon of unity and love. We acknowledge that this division has led to anger, unthinking reactions, and expressive outrage, pulling people apart when they should be coming together under God’s love. As a community, we are determined to counter this narrative, fostering an environment of mutual respect, understanding, and unity. Prayer and encouragement form the bedrock of our shared life, acting as essential tools that bind us together and strengthen our collective spirit. We value each other as God instructs us to, seeing each person through His eyes, honoring their worth, and cherishing their unique contributions. This, we believe, is the path to a more compassionate and understanding world, grounded in the love of God.

Let us know about how you love your neighbor

Let’s commit to a mission of unconditional love for our neighbors – tell us how you’re embodying this divine principle and transforming your community, one act of love at a time.

You are welcome here ❣️

Welcome to Lady and Lion Ministry, a 508(c)(1)(a) Non Profit. We are a Christian Church Ministry and followers of Jesus. Our goal is to minister the living Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit to people by the grace of God.

We believe in the power of prayer and our desire is to be a pure people of prayer, to be people of praise and power, so that God’s great love for mankind will bring salvation, healing, and deliverance to everyone. We understand today’s society, and our mission is to share the love of God to everyone. Not some, but every one.

Founded twenty-two years ago, Lady and Lion Church is headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia, but serving to a national and global outreach. Our service is without geographical borders as we utilize technology to reach people in need of our ministry services.

We are driven by a mission to reach all of those who are hurt and need restoration through Jesus Christ. As such, we have ministries reaching out to those in poverty, incarcerated, in homelessness, widowed, disadvantaged, single parents, parents of the disabled, those with mental illness, marginalized, abused, grieving, and trauma/ptsd like our veterans.

Our Lead Minister, Erin, has been in ministry since 2001 and specializes in prayer and deliverance ministry. She has devoted much of her life and ministry to those who have felt left behind, lost, and traumatized. Erin’s career background includes leadership coaching, customized software solutions, compliance and technology consulting. She has enjoyed helping countless people and organizations scale and grow for over 25 years. 

Our ministry offers a chance and opportunity for those who suffer from difficult issues and circumstances, to understand and use the power of prayer. We believe that any strongholds can and will be removed. We believe that there is no problem that can not be healed and restored through the gift of grace, mercy, and forgiveness that God gave us through His only Son, Jesus. Together with the proper resources, skills and community effort, we believe anyone can be a human of happiness and success.