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Art By Prisoners

Art By Prisoners™  is a program that allows prisoners to express themselves through art. Launching publicly in Fall of 2023, the pilot project started in 2021 and has been tested and well received. We will be accepting prisoners into the program giving access to create art through our platform and showcase it in our gallery and books.

Art Prison Program

Since our pilot program’s inception in 2021, we have witnessed the transformative impact of AI technology on prisoners’ ability to create art. Now, we are thrilled to announce that our program will be expanding nationally in the fall of 2023, with the goal of reaching incarcerated individuals across the country. Our vision is to integrate our technology into the existing infrastructure within correctional facilities, from minimum to maximum-security prisons, enabling prisoners at all levels to embrace the world of AI and enhance their artistic skills.

We believe in the power of AI to not only unlock artistic potential but also to offer valuable opportunities for personal growth and education. Alongside providing prisoners with the means to create art, we are committed to using AI to facilitate their learning in other domains. Our program will offer pathways for prisoners to explore coding, data science, writing, and expanding their knowledge base. By equipping them with skills in artificial intelligence, we aim to empower prisoners to reintegrate into society with valuable expertise and enhance their prospects for a successful re-entry.

SECOND CHANCES. Our program is founded on the belief that God is a God of second, third, and unlimited chances. It is our sincerest hope to serve as a reflection of God’s love and to offer hope to those seeking another chance. Through our program, we strive to provide prisoners with an outlet to express themselves through art, in the hopes that they may reconnect with society and experience the unwavering love of God. We also believe that every person has the capacity to leave a positive legacy, one that inspires love and not hate. We are committed to helping prisoners tap into that potential and make a lasting impact on their communities.

Based on our past and current art programs, including the Treasury Program, we have witnessed firsthand how the power of artistic expression can transform lives. By allowing inmates to tap into their creative potential, it has created a sense of encouragement and motivation to be a positive contributor in society.

We hope to continue to inspire and uplift those who participate in our art programs, and ultimately, help them to build a brighter future for themselves and their communities. Join us in our mission to foster positive change through the transformative power of art.