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Prisoner Advocacy

Lady and Lion’s Prison Ministry, called Foundation, is an initiative that lies at the heart of our mission. We are dedicated to serving the spiritual, mental, and physical well-being of those who are incarcerated, facing incarceration, and their families. We stand up for them in ways that may not be possible from their position. Since 2012, our Foundation Program Ministry has helped countless individuals create a strong foundation for themselves and their loved ones, breaking free from old cycles and forging a new path that adds positive value to their communities.

We firmly believe that every life can be transformed through the power of God, and that every individual is loved by Him. Our vision is to encourage prisoners to develop an active prayer life, set achievable positive life goals, and rely on God while actively petitioning in prayer. Our mission is to assist every inmate in developing leadership qualities and being a responsible steward, so that they can lead their families, communities, and fellow brethren, not only after release, but also through an active prayer life and an action plan.

We collaborate with prisoners and their families to help them break free from the wrong choices, poor habits, and cycles that led them to where they are today, and support their restoration as they build a life that not only enriches their family but also their community. We work closely with families to heal and strengthen the bond of that God-created unit. Through God’s Son, Jesus Christ, we were given the opportunity to be reconciled with Him. In this miraculous gift, there is no one who is excluded from God’s grace, love, mercy, and restoration.

We aspire to be a vessel for God and an advocate for those who are going through difficult situations while incarcerated and beyond. For those who remain in the prison system, we provide support for their prayer life, intercede on their behalf and their families, and work to establish a strong bond between them, even if they are physically apart. We believe that spiritually, we can all be connected as a family and that we can achieve victory through the name of Jesus. Through our family prayer plans, we help families stay together in love and spirit in a powerful way.

Through our program, we see and believe that people and communities can find healing and restoration. We have witnessed time and time again the partnership of these people, their families, and God working through this ministry in a way that may have been inconceivable before they built their foundation program with us. Many of the individuals we have helped have received forgiveness from their victims or the victims’ families, as they showed a truly contrite heart and a restored soul through the work of Jesus. The times we live in are tough, and being a victim of any crime is something that is never forgotten, but through the grace of God, we hope that the victims are honored by the restorative efforts.

The world is beset with many problems, and unless we tackle the root of the problems, they will continue to grow. We are all responsible for our actions and should do what we can to make things right. All too often, we see wrongdoing, followed by a sentence, and no restoration or healing for the victims, their families, the communities, or the prisoner and their families. So many lives are left in ruin. We hope that through our partnership with community services through our prison outreach, we can reach hearts, reconcile wrongs, and bring about positive change.

The Foundation Program is a confidential, personally tailored program that is designed to meet the specific needs of each individual participant. It requires a deep level of commitment and honesty, and we expect all participants to attend every appointment and session until their foundation has been built and is in action. Those who complete the program have changed their lives in incredible ways and changed the legacy for themselves and their families.

We also provide re-entry assistance in a variety of areas, including employment, resume writing, starting a business, and ways to give back to the community. Once a participant’s foundation is built, we continue to check in with them to ensure that their goals continue to grow with them and become habits.

Our program is funded through our ministry, and there is no cost to participants. We accept applications via email and consider referrals. We are committed to restoring lives in a positive way, and we encourage only serious applicants who are willing to commit to apply. Contact us for more information and consideration.